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    Pavel Tsatsouline Guest

    Default Question from Russia

    Com. Doublethinker, welcome to the Party!

    My stretching books have been translated into Russian, they will be published within a year.

    I am from Riga, where are you from?

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    Doublethinker is offline Junior Member
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    Nov 2008

    Default Question from Russia

    Com. Pavel, thanks!

    I was more hoping to get my hands also on your video material since it's better to see the exercise done once than to read about it a hundred times.

    I'm from Moscow myself and I must say that your recent success with promotion of Kettlebell sport is very interesting. But some claim that you are neither of Spetsnaz, nor a Russian at all - the google search of Russian part of Web on "Павел Цацулин" gave no results either. Perhaps you can share the details of your biography so as to unveil these myths?

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    trace1124 is offline Senior Member
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    Default No Class questions

    YOu speak of unveiling while you hide behind your Internet handle. Pavel's class and expertise are well known and witnessed by a lot of real life people.

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    mmmclellan is offline Senior Member
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    Default If you have learned ANYTHING from Pavel

    Trust the effectiveness.



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    Pavel Tsatsouline Guest

    Default Question from Russia

    Doublethinker, my background has been checked by the US government agencies I do contract work for. If someone questions it, perhaps you should question their motives.

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