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    Default "kettlebell" handles for dumbbells

    I remember seeing some months or years ago that there are (somewhere) these handles sold that attach to your conventional dumbbells, so as to make a kind of makeshift kettlebell. I'm not sure if that was the inventor's intent or if these handles are supposed to be for "suitcase" style deadlifts. If you've seen these handles you know what I'm talking about. They are NOT the adjustable kettlebells sold by Kettlestacks or Ironmind, etc. They attach directly onto fixed-weight dumbbells.

    Where can one find these things?

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    Default "kettlebell" handles for dumbells

    Jeff Martone sells Tactical Grips on his site that can be used to hold two KBs together for swinging etc. You may be able to use them for dumbells also but I would ask Jeff his opinion first. Check out the site.

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