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    Default Has Spain been kicked out of Europe?....n/m

    The point was he plays in another country. Europe is not a country. Americans can follow the money and play in a foriegn league like many of the top players do. I want to discuss this but you haven't made a point I can respond to. It's all misinformation, bad logic and contradictions. You say we follow the money to football and hoops but then bring up amataur (olympic sports) as evidence we compete well internationally. Your next assertion is we would have to ban football, basketball etc in order to compete, crazy, defeatist, and wrong.. We can compete in anything we take seriously. Remember 92 when the dream team dominated, it took the rest of the world 3 olympics to put us into 3rd place... In our sport... we can do the same in soccer.. folks like yourself just are not informed and are creating the apathetic mindset. I'm trying to sound respectful while disagreeing, but i really think your making an argument about something you don't know a lot about... Beckett? Come on get with me here, it's the patriotic thing to do :}

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    Default I just don't see that we need to win at a sport to feel good as a country.

    Notable exception was the 1980 Olympic hockey team. But back then lots of people though we were going to lose the Cold War.

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    Default Where did I say Europe and South America were countries?

    And, since you're in the habit of correcting my supposed and real errors(Beckett/Beckham) It's America with a capital A, not america or italy as you've repeatedly used. btw, you used america as a country repeatedly when referring to our sad team, it's U.S.A. but America will work also.

    Soccer is not relevant in the U.S.A. other than a nice little club sport.

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