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    Default i'll try again.....

    I'm after a bit of advice of how to proceed with my training. i've been following ETKB for a few months and plan to continue to do so up to xmas. After this however I'd like to switch to another routine for a few months.

    My goals are to drop weight and gain strength (original huh?)

    I have at my disposal 80kgs of sand bags (easily added to), chinning bar and 16kg 24kg KBs

    I was thinking about PTTP with Sandbag C&P and Front Squats with 3 HOC sessions per week.

    Id also like to throw in chin ups - can't do GTG though.

    All advice and ideas welcomed.


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    Default Not an RKC, but...

    I'm following the idea of alternating between ETK & PTP in 13 week cycles. I also add a bicycling cycle in the summer. ETK & PTP are always addressed in each cycle to keep my gains just not the primary focus.

    Knowing I've got a definite end to my current cycle and knowing exactly what I have coming next seems to help me as I get past the 2 month mark for a cycle.

    That seems to work for my goals.

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