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    Default Men: Biology, humans, and sex (as in who we are; man and woman) (long post)

    im against metrosexuals because they make women want the pretty boy, im 19 and in the middle of all trends, i for one will never

    1. wear girl pants
    2. wear make up
    3. develop an eating disorder

    for my generation this is becoming all too common, men should be sensitive and caring, yes, but the man who works construction and fixes cars has lost its masculine studliness

    women should be attracted to patrick duffy in step by step

    not ryan seacrest

    im sorry but i tend to rant when it comes to manliness and metrosexuals

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    Default Er, it seems like I've got to learn some new words....

    I haven't had a TV in decades, nor do I subscribe to newspapers nor magazines - so you guys usin' yer fancy words just confabulates my brain

    thanks fer learnin' me!
    yer pal,

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    Default I told my wife that...

    If I ever developed a metrosexual trait she should let me know and I'd grind it off with a power sander.

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