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Signs of Overtraining


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I'm extremely worried about overtraining, so I was just wondering what some of the signs are. I do 5 rep GTG with different exercises through the week (ex. planche training, front lever, one-handed pushups, one-armed pullups, handstand pushups, hindu pushups, pistols etc.). I have one weight day on friday and a break on saturday.


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Check this link out. Some general info.



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Inability to progress
Problems with sleep
Increased irritability
Frequent colds/flu
Increase in minor trauma: minor strains/sprains/pulls/joint pains
Elevated heart rate in the morning (check it every morning, if it is about 5-10% above the average - you might be overtraining. But don't freak out, it might just be increse in HR variability)
Unusual symptoms: abdominal pains, headaches, increased lymphnodes, flu-like symptoms - usually in more advanced overtraining.

Overall, periodization is probably the best way to prevent overtraining.

Checking Google as suggested above is also a good idea, especially for specific sports.
Worrying about overtraining is the first sign

Others include:

low sex drive
getting weaker at each workout
aches and pains

Mike Mahler http://www.mikemahler.com

Felicia Oh

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What has already been said.
Having a hard time getting yourself to train/workout.
Physical exhaustion.

Keeping a journal helps...not only of what you did but also how you felt about it and how your body felt about it.

There is nothing wrong with taking a day or two or more days off.
If you train really hard every day, you will burn out...mentally and physically. Even elite athletes don't stay in "competition shape" all year round. Most sports have seasons. They also cycle training so they peak at certain times. So logically, that means there are "unpeak" times too. And yes, "unpeak" is a technical term ;-)www.feliciaoh.blogspot.com


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Thinking a Week is Closed Training Unit is a good start


You don't recover over a week even with saturday off.

Your weeks need to vary in volume and intensity.


Dave Cronk

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Stress is Stress


With everything already said about overtraining keep in mind to the body stress is stress whether it is from exercise, poor diet, lack of quality sleep, school, work, family or a combination of stressors. The message here is look at all the stress in your life and not just the stress caused by your training. You might find your possible overtraining is being caused by other stressors.

Dave Cronk, RKC

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