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    Default Resting heart rate = 58

    Down from 76 before ETK arrived.

    I just followed the program. Worked up to doing Swings and Cleans & Presses and did a 13 week ETK cycle. Now I'm in my 2nd week of a PTP cycle lifting weights I hadn't thought of lifting before. Still a long way from the really heavy weights some of you guys are lifting but making progress every week. (My 5RM is 135 at the moment)

    I remember some years ago joining a gym and being handed a list of 8 exercises I was to do 3 sets of each 8-12 reps to failure. I was always sore and remember wondering when it was I was supposed to get stronger from doing this. To top it off I was bored from waiting between sets which was was over an hour total time.

    Now I perform a few exercises in 30-40 minutes and feel stronger after each session whether I'm doing ETK or PTP.

    Props to Pavel!

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    Default Resting heart rate = 58

    My Dads was 52 after carrying in grocerys. He tries to get 15 minutes of exercise in a circuit every day but that does not happen much the last 3-4 months.He is now an over the road truck driver and can not do swings. He has some fatty tumors on the base of his back that cause him low back pain. These tumors inflame the nerves inhis low back even though their is not physical damage to his back at all. My Dad is 52 years old. He spent 20 years int he Infantry U.S. Army. I am sure all of those years of running and road marching permantely changed the structure of his heart.He always lifted weights when he could even inthe field they would make equipment. It amazeing what short term exercise can do it is even more amazeing what longterm exercises does to the body!

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