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  1. Perfect!. That gives me a good idea where to start with an FMS for myself. I will start doing the homework and getting the info.....
  2. Vivek

    in terms of FMS, go with a few pass/fail tests- ASLR, hurdle step, a lunge, a deep squat, truck stability, toe touch, and basics of shoulder mobility. Without having much time i cannot elaborate, if you think about it you will find the info
  3. Thank you for the quick and informative response. I will put these principles into practice. The FMS will have to wait for a while (funds), but I will focus more on outlining my areas of weakness-- (hamstrings, ankles, knees), emphasizing mobility. I will do the work, and report my progress as I improve.
    Vivek Sharma
  4. Yes, i absolutely would make changes. Not throwing away the baby and bath water; here are the additions.
    #1 I recommend having a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) done first, and working off your weakness.
    #2 steak and potatos for military fitness is injury prevention. If I can keep the war figher injury free, i have more troops for the task at hand.
    #3 Raw strength training remains focus of this program, as well as anything else i do. Weakness is a crime.
    #4 Stay away from Crossfit and any other system which pats you on the head for doing stupid shit like throwing up or kipping to get reps or pushing in to ROM you are unable to achieve UNLOADED.

    besides that, i feel my advice was on. Many people have used the information with tremendou results, i have no doubt that you will gain knowledge and make adjustments to it in order to suit your exact needs.
  5. Hello Mr. Glass,
    Hopefully this finds you well.. your posts in the past have been very helpful to my and advanced my training significantly.
    I had a question regarding a template you had outlined in an earlier Diesel Crew article ("Deployed Fitness for the Armed Forces"). If you get time, I would appreciate your thoughts on whether now, given your increase in experience, you would modify this template? Are there any pitfalls in this template that you see now, that maybe you would change or alter? I have started using the template since I have space constraints and now no longer have access to barbells/weight plates. ( I now am back to square one, with kettlebells, pullup bar, sandbag, and dirt hills to run). My goals are an increase in both strength and conditioning. My diet and sleep are irregular- given my work schedule. My plan is to simply follow the template as written.
    Thanks for your time and input once again,
    Vivek Sharma
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