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  1. You could try Delhi Foundary, the last one I purchased from them were 24 kg pair. really well made.
    But I doubt if they make individual pairs anymore
  2. Not a single good one I know, though Bhatt from Ahmedabad is better than most. He can be contacted here: raaj kaushalraj <>
  3. Morning Doc,
    Just wanted inputs on where can I get well made Kettlebell in India. The one I initially purchased from have sort of moved place and I can't seem get in touch with them.

    Appreciate your help
  4. you're welcome
  5. Thanks, man!
  6. Hi Rambodoc,
    Just wanted to wish you "All the Best" for your forthcoming RKC
  7. Hi Rambodoc,
    I'm sort of a newbie at Dragon door and am quite interested to know if you could guide me and suggest if there's a way to get RKC certified in India.
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