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  1. Hiya Dennis! It's a bit cold here as well. Odd as it was close to 90 over the weekend?!?!

    I'm in the exact same boat as you with my 97. Interesting what Mike said, as that sounds just like RKC advice. Personally, I gave up working the 32 over. It's a much smaller bell than the 44k (and yep, the LL handle is a lot thicker), so the mechanics are different. I just felt like it was going to crush me whenever I cleaned it.

    So, I decided to just do ROP style ladders push-pressing the 44. Confidence has built-up real fast, and I'm using my legs less and less. I believe, as do you, that you have to work THAT heavy bell to build the necessary confidence & strength. Hopefully I can get a strict press soon. Try it out and let me know if it works for you. I'll keep you posted on my experiment as well =)
  2. Doing well. That's great work! I've been doing a 4 week session of EDT w/ 32's and also mixing in the 88. I'm getting pretty close on pressing the 88 on the right side. Getups with it aren't a problem, I have no problem cleaning it. It's just not going up yet. I was thinking about doing rest pause with push press with a minute rest in between. I emailed Mahler about it and he said focus on technique with the 32. I don't know if I agree with that. I think to press heavy, you have to press that weight and build confidence. But what do I know? You get the 97 up yet? If it's a Lifeline, that handle must be enoromous. With my 88, I feel confident with the one hand swing but the handle is so thick, it's a kettlebell usa, that I'm absolutely frightened about snatching it. Not that I can. How's Nevada? MA today is 48 and raining, glorious June weather.
  3. what's up home cut? Finally getting three rounds of 2,4,6 rungs with 32s on the double C&P.
  4. Yes, I have done some double complexes...smokers for sure! I was just doing one of Dan John's clean & squat complexes with a pair of 20s...was so surprised how heavy they got LOL! I have one of Pat's e-books, too, but haven't really tried any out. Thanks for the offer, though. I would like to get that Age of Quarrel DVD one of these days. REALLY looks interesting.

    Back to the C&J, it is probably my fav exercise now. Just hammers the whole body, makes you strong AND conditioned all at once. Just awesome!
  5. Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, 3 days a week. Over Christmas, my wife got me Mike Mahler's Age of Quarrel DVD's Steve Cotter, Andrew Durniat and Ken Blackburn do a whole dvd on the Clean and Jerk. I started doing them and like them. I did 149 yesterday with the 55's so needless to say, day off today. After watching these guys us pro grade bells, I was tempted to put all mine for sale and get the pro grade ones. But I didn't.

    You should see Durniat do preses, jerks and snatches. He's about 6'5'' about 220 and he throws 88's and 70's around so effortlessly .

    Have you tried double complexes? Pat Flynn has a great couple of e books using lighter bells. I have one of them if you want.
  6. Hey Brian,

    That sounds interesting. I've been doing something similar with my presses whilst I wait for some more KB pairs (I'm going for the traditional weights of 16,24,32). So, you are doing LCCJ three days a week? Should be ok as long as you aren't doing anything else. Those things are killer!
  7. Hi Dan,

    How have you been? Questions for you, I have been doing some experimenting with my workouts. Doing a complex ETK style with double 55's of Press,Squat,Pullups. After two weeks of it, I found out it was kind of similar to the ROTK. So today, I did LC Clean and Jerk with the 55's. I got 5 ladders of 2,4,6,8,10. The only rep I failed was the last one. I took my time. Real gut check Took about an hour. I'm going to tweak it it a bit. I'm not proficient in the double snatch with the 55's and on light day on the press end I'm going to use 70's.
    What I was thinking was doing on Easy Day do 5 ladders of 2,4,6 LC Clean and Jerk, Medium days do 2.4.6,8 and heavy days once I get to 10, move up to the 70's. Is this too much volume? Also how were your results with the program?

    I'm not going to try to cut down the time. If I wanted to do that, I would do EDT. Let me know. Thanks, Brian
  8. Hey B! Yes, I know what you mean about the forum lately. It seems to have been overrun by people with "other agendas" LOL. RPT...well, I started with 36s doing 60 second rests. Once I went to 45 seconds, I could only do one rep and failed on the second! So, back down to 28s hehe! I don't have a second 32, so I'll just have to make due for now. Keep up the good work, man!
  9. Remember when the forum was interesting? God it has been awful lately, lots of stupid questions.... Anyway how is the doubles work coming? You still rocking the double 80's? I'm now on the 4 week part of Mahlers' program doing cluster training. Monday I was able to do 5 sets of 5 reps w/ double 70's rest pause style, 15 seconds between each rep. Moving it up to 5 sets of 5 x2 reps w/ a minute between each rest pause rep. Finished HIT and it worked great. Hope all is well BChase
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