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  1. Hi -

    I had an appointment with Brett about 2 years ago, it was terrific. He fixed a few things, reinforced a few others, gave me some guidelines for the future. I haven't met any of the other RKCs in the area. Keep in mind, Brett is not just an RKC, he is a Master RKC, I think he is one step below Pavel. He is also one of the founders of the CK/FMS system and has several books and vids available through DD.

    I worked on my own for almost a year before seeing Brett. It may have helped a little to see him sooner, but I don't know if I subscribe to the common notion on the site that you need to see an RKC right at the start. I think if you are sensible and follow the pics and vids closely, you will likely be okay on your own for awhile.

    Hope that helps -

  2. Hey Geo,

    I live in Pittsburgh too. Have you done any work with Brett Jones or any other RKC's around here? I started with ETK and am currently doing Geoff Neupert's Kettlebell Burn 2.0. I have yet to take a lesson but wouldn't mind. Im sure there are things I am doing wrong.

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