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    Hello! I would like to ask you a question about Convict Conditioning.

    We should train our muscles, tendon, ligaments and other soft tissues so that we can proceed to next step. But how do we know that the soft tissues are ready?

    Thank you!
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    Hi, John. I don't mean to nag, but could you give me some impression of when CC4 is going to come out? Also, are you guys going to be selling Rough & Ready by Mark Hatmaker?
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    Hello John, how are you doing?
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  1. John Du Cane
    John Du Cane liked post by GeoffreyLevens On thread : Leg Raise While Avoiding Low Back Pain
    One key, regardless of which exercise, is to establish and maintain posterior pelvic tilt i.e. at least neutral but better slightly flat back. That will help isolate the abs. In the movement, try to...
    Liked On: 11-26-2017, 11:14 AM
  2. John Du Cane
    John Du Cane liked post by Beth Andrews On thread : Interested in PCC cert
    Great question! For me, pistols, pull-ups, assisted one arm pull variations, levers, back bridging, single leg deadlifts and hip bridging are all quality body-weight exercises to build, strengthen...
    Liked On: 06-25-2017, 10:40 AM
  3. John Du Cane
    John Du Cane liked post by Al_Kavadlo On thread : Interested in PCC cert
    Thanks for your interest in attending the PCC! And that's a really good question. Replicating the strength benefits of the deadlift/swing is a common concern we get from people, and it's something we...
    Liked On: 06-24-2017, 02:18 PM
  4. John Du Cane
    John Du Cane liked post by mrtalbert On thread : What can you do with HKC?
    I am signed up for RKC I in November 2017. I am actively working with a coach and training for this. I've read a lot about the HKC and there's one that's being offered in my area soon. I am not a...
    Liked On: 06-19-2017, 11:14 AM
  5. John Du Cane
    John Du Cane liked post by Dafna.hayman On thread :
    Liked On: 06-19-2017, 11:14 AM
  6. John Du Cane
    John Du Cane liked post by Philip Ross On thread : Newbie-considering using kettlebells
    Hi Neil, To address your question - yes and no. As far as training and getting into condition and becoming stronger, a resounding YES! However, you will need to address your your nutrition. ...
    Liked On: 05-01-2017, 11:23 AM
  7. John Du Cane
    John Du Cane liked post by Dan John On thread : Newbie-considering using kettlebells
    I love combining the Swing and Push Up. Getting up and down seems to be as hard as the two movements! I asked my friends to come up with their favorites…and here you go! Workout Option #1 ...
    Liked On: 05-01-2017, 11:22 AM
  8. John Du Cane
    John Du Cane liked post by Dan John On thread : Newbie-considering using kettlebells
    I only have a few minutes, but let me answer one and four...a bit. I can use KBs alone or mixed with literally everything else. KB only workouts are a fun mental exercise for me as it makes me think....
    Liked On: 05-01-2017, 11:22 AM
  9. John Du Cane
    John Du Cane liked post by martymonster On thread : The "Diesel 20": Add Twenty Pounds of Muscle in One Year, By Paul Wade
    And I'd just like to thank the Coach for taking the time to respond to all those comments. Seriously, the amount of questions and the detail in the questions required a hell of a commitment to...
    Liked On: 01-08-2015, 04:23 AM
  10. John Du Cane
    John Du Cane liked post by Justaguy42 On thread : New Paul Wade book just released
    Hi JLB, I'm a new poster (occasional lurker) BUT I've just read this book cover-to-cover so I hope I can help. No he doesn't. At all. I have just re-read both his posts you refer to on the...
    Liked On: 05-30-2014, 07:10 AM
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