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    Hi mate, quick question on your high level get up protocol contained in Turkish Warrior Conditioning. When it says straight sets do you mean full get up?

    eg. Monday: High level getup x 1,2,3
    Does this mean Full Get up Right, Full Get Up Left, Get Up Right x 2, Get Up Left x 2, Get Up Right x 3, Get Up Left x 3.

    Thanks mate, I look forward to hearing from you

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    Hey Josef,
    Just wanted to let you know I PMed you with some questions about how to test the getup as per gym movement protocols.

    All the best,
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    I have sent you private message and email regarding your books for sale. Wonder if you get my email I sent you this morning.

    Please let me know if you are still interested in selling the books.

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    It has been a long time my friend, and now that life has settled again for me, your ever eager test subject is ready for whatever your mind can deliver. Will be coming from a stretch without doing TGUs, so you will have a fresh nervous system to play with.
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    Hey Josef, I like the new Revised PM, thanks for taking the time out to post it. Are you back in the U.S for awhile or are you being deployed again soon?
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    Hello COM. Joseph, I msg'd you a few monthes ago, regarding the Titan CHallenge. I have finally acheived 40 reps L/R in 43 min 24 sec with a 88lb KB. It took me quite a while and due to money constraints I had to tape 2.5 lb plates onto a 70 to use in conjunction w/ the beast for my VOL day according to the layout of your program. It was hard work but it was woth it. Thank alot for the Titan challenge. I am about to start the LAT protocol and have been doing VWC along with the challene TGU prog.
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    COM. Joseph
    What method did you use to attain 40 or more TGU's in 40 or more minutes? Did you start at 5 minutes and incrementally per week or what?
    Thanks for answering my last thread, have a good day.
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    Sorry for the late reply. Busy, busy month. As for the training, it is going incredibly well. I am now playing around with 50 kg on the high end of TGU and swings, and have been incorporating MVO2. The heavy swings definitely have a carryover. Tested 16 kg for 80 sets, and only worked up a good sweat. Wasn't even challenging. On a side note, all of the TGU's have been pushing up my pressing numbers, allowing me to press the 50kg for sets of 4 on the left, and 2 on the right (my right shoulder has some permanent problems that keep it lagging a little behind). My rowing has gone insane, with sets of 12-18 coming entirely too easy (hit a PR of 74 kg for 5 reps left, 4 reps right last week). You are seriously onto something. The titan challenge is not only a goldmine for the party minimum, but I am guessing it can be used for any other lifts as well.

    On a side note, my short steel bending has also benefited, without regular training, as I hit 20 blue nails in 10 min.
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    Only just picked up the birthday message Josef! Cheers! I realise it was nearly 5 months ago.... lol ;-p
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    Thanx a lot !!
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For multiple weights...

by Josef on 06-13-2011 at 08:53 PM
The above is the course of action I would recommend for someone with a fixed weight. If you have multiple weights, things get a LITTLE more complicated. But really not much more. In fact, let's simplify our measure of progress. Seeing that the goal is to get as heavy a weight from the ground to overhead, do this. To press=20%, to hand=40%, to knee=60%, to lunge=80%, and to standing=100%. Now for simplicities sake, we'll say you're using a 100lb dumbbell with the above example of seven getups

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On training the getup...

by Josef on 06-13-2011 at 04:43 PM
When you wonder how to train the getup, ask yourself why you're doing it. Are you training for heavier getups? Alrighty. Think about what a getup is. You're getting up with the weight. Brilliant! Now look at the way you move. Record it even.

Now where did your RKC tell you to put the foot of the posted leg? If they said anywhere near the other leg, they're wrong. Bring your leg at least forty-five degrees from the hip. If it's too close, your base of support will be too narrow,

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by Josef on 09-01-2010 at 03:08 AM
Anterior press/pull-10:36
Curl grip bench press-4, 4, 4

Implement: straight bar
Grip: index fingers to middle rings
Neck: extended
Eyes: superior
Distance: 14
Resistance: 155lb
Intensity: 155lbx4
Volume: 1,860lb
Density: 175lb per minute
Bent over row-3, 3, 3
Implement: plates
Neck: neutral
Eyes: neutral
Resistance: 250lb
Intensity: 250lbx3
Volume: 2,250lb
Density: 212lb per minute

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The Turkish Warrior Conditioning regime Part 6...

by Josef on 11-11-2009 at 11:05 PM
The High Intensity Getup Protocol

While volume should be a cornerstone of your training, you must also train with weights close to your limit. The body must be exposed to a heavy weight if you want to lift it. I highly recommend training partial getup, mastering it one step at a time. You will build to fifteen partials per hand in thirty minutes before you progress to the next step. When you have built up to fifteen full singles, you will start back at the roll to press with a heavier

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The Turkish Warrior Conditioning regime Part 5...

by Josef on 11-11-2009 at 11:04 PM
The Ataturk Protocol

When someone has trouble with a given step of the getup, they tend to just rush through it. Moving slower will generally reveal such weaknesses. With this in mind, I devised an exercise I call the Ataturk, or the father of the Turks. A form of specialized variety that calls for one to perform a press at the various stages of the getup. It will challenge your strength to no end while revealing your weaknesses. As you cannot shoot a cannon out of a canoe, you will

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