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    Thanks Josh.I've been following Adam and you on Walk the road less travleled and have learned alot.More PRs coming soon!
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    Josh, I was very interested in your response to Agent Iron's post about mass gain with kbs. I'm curious about the program/routine you followed to make your substantial gains. As an ectomorph and so-called "hard gainer" myself, I'd appreciate any info or guidance you could provide - thanks
  3. Spartan300, can you do a getup with the 36? that's one way. How much can you actually press with good form? Is it the 32? Regardless, if you're trying to hit the 36, any variant of Radiant Dawn would suggest push presses and walkouts with the 32. When I was chasing the 48, I did walkouts with the 40, but on rung one of the ladders, I would sneak in the 48 as long as I felt safe with it. Jerk it, push press it, do getups, whatever it takes to get it overhead. Clean it, swing it, squat it, but just get used to it. Pavel calls this "developing a disdain for the weight." You respect it, but you don't have to be scared of it. Bottom line: get it overhead, walk around with it, and lower it to the rack under control. If you keep plugging away at Radiant Dawn, you'll be there before you know it. good luck.
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    Josh,I've been doing Adam's Radiant Dawn program.I'm on my 4th week.My BUP has went up a bell and my stacked press has improved as well.My new 36kg bell came today and I cleaned it easily but couldn't budge it off of my shoulder.Any advice to build up strength from the bottom of press?Thanks Josh.
  5. Frank, I'm new at this, but I think the fear that overhead pressing would never test well again is unfounded. Or maybe a variation of pressing tests better than the military press. On days when MP tests poorly, I've wound up doing see-saws, handstands, light presses from my knees, or presses with my body rotated in different ways. so far, if I want to press, there's always a press variant that works that day.
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    hi josh, saw your post about training with adam, i too did online training with him and he is awesome. I have been doing the biofeed back taining after talking to adam. I was wondering how do you choose what exercises to do? I know you see what improves the rom, but what if you want ot press overhead, and it never comes back increasing our range of motion. How has it been going as far as progress for you. I asked you a quesion like this on your blog, i don't know if you saw it or you were busy. If you had time it would be great to hear.

    thanks frank
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5-21-2010 lccj

by Josh Hanagarne RKC on 05-21-2010 at 05:49 PM
coming back from 2 days sick. Hit a density PR with the 28s on Long Cycle.

46 c&J in 4 minutes.

5-11-2010 Squats, pullups, presses, RT

by Josh Hanagarne RKC on 05-12-2010 at 05:55 PM
I'm determined to learn to back squat after years of telling myself I'm too tall.

205x15 in sets of 2-3

I've always been a pitiful squatter. That 275 is a 50 lb PR, but it felt very, very easy. Everything else has paid off. This will be the summer of squat.

Pullups: 66 in 15 minutes
MP: 20+ singles with the 40kg on each side

Rolling Thunder: PR right hand, 181 lbs

5-10-2010 Pressing

by Josh Hanagarne RKC on 05-10-2010 at 04:32 PM
Pressed the 24 83 times in 5 minutes.

Volume = 4,399 lbs

A great rest day.


by Josh Hanagarne RKC on 12-28-2009 at 07:36 AM


did the following in a circuit for 55 minutes

High Pulls: 135x5, 135x6, 165x6x3, 195x5, 215x4x2, 215x5, 215x4, 215x6 = 9465 lbs

Snatch Grip axle deadlifts: 165x3, 195x3x8, 195x2x3 = 5370 lbs moved

goblet squat with 24kg kb = 1x5, 1x4x3, 1x3x8 = 2173 lbs moved

Rolling Thunder, equal number each side: 135x1x2, 125x2x4, 125x1x6

Pinch lift

Read More

Training Log

12-21-2009 Pressing and axle deadlifts (light day)

by Josh Hanagarne RKC on 12-21-2009 at 06:41 AM
armbars and htgus

bup with 32kg
R: 5
L: 2, then 3 more with 24kg

Tried the 48kilo and pressed it twice on the right side. Finally.

Behind the back axle deadlifts (first time)
165x5x4, 175x3

Tested poorly after that

wall pushups, 2x25

Mixed in a few rolling thunder pulls at 150. Missed a grade 5 DO bend.
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