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  1. My exercise tolerance is very low & as such I need weeks to recover from a legit Commando w/out so daily or even weekly training is not possible.
  2. Hey bud, I am unsure if fasting or whatever works. I do know that what works for me losing weight is ensuring I eat enough to prevent my body from going into starvation mode and then creating my calorie deficit through exercise.

    As for the BEAR routine, the fatigue is cumulative when you repeat the program every day, adding 5lbs every day. Progressive loading is the key here. The "muscle building" may be slower because you are slowly increasing strength in addition to keeping the volume higher.
  3. Smetz,
    Bro you are very right about being heavy. I'm fasting to lose weight.
  4. I like the way you setup your BEAR bodybuilding routine. If your 80% sets are "effortless" how do build the fatigue that stimulates the muscle growth?
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