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  1. Thank you, Randy. I should also have mentioned that I'm doing a lot of grip work: wrist roller, pinch grip on barbell plates, and some basic hand balancing; i.e. the Frog stand. Also, doing some FatGripz deadlifting, which has also kept the weights manageable because of the grip limitation. Are you familiar with those? They're the poor man's fat bar! So, hopefully my wrist ligaments/tendons are up to snuff.
    Thanks again!
  2. Hello Randy,
    Thank you for your help with my knees; they're doing really well. I wanted to ask your advice for re-starting the VWC protocol. Since the weather is nice outside again, I'm going to replace the long cycle work to work on progressing toward the SSST. I haven't snatched since last Sept. prior to my wrist surgery. Would you just do some snatching in a workout, or would you just go back into it. I was using the 16kg/7 reps for 15:15.
    Thanks in advance,

  3. Thank you, Randy.
    I very much appreciate your input. Full range bodyweight squatting feels good; resting in the fully flexed position helps them feels better; I do 70 every morning. My knees have never felt bad after deadlifting, so I'm going to continue with what I'm doing.
  4. Hello Randy,
    Yesterday I saw an orthopod about my knees; the right has been swollen for a few years, and I was right in the idea that it was arthritis. He X-rayed, and aspirated it and injected cortisone. Now, as an over 50 weightlifter/powerlifter/girevoy sport competitor, I would like YOUR opinion. He' told me deadlifting was bad; using a leg press, and knee extension machine were good. No squatting past 90 degrees of flexion. I was horrified, but I was wondering what your take is, and if you have any problems similar to this, and how you deal with it. I don't want to stop deadlifting, or clean and jerking, or doing full-range bodyweight squatting, from the standpoint of Pavel's concept, which I agree with. (i.e., Academician Amosov)
    What is your opinion? I do know that when I've worked on the pistol, that does seem to injure me the next day, so I've never been able to work up that due to pain medially.

  5. Hello again, Randy,
    I'm curious how you would integrate the "viking push-press" as an assistance exercise for the long-cycle, or would you?. Would you use this exercise? Since energy level is a concern doing long-cycle, would it make sense to try to fit it in somewhere?
  6. Thank you, Randy

  7. Hello Randy,
    This month I started doing ballistic workouts after getting approval from the surgeon who performed my thumb surgery. I've wanted to get back to doing long-cycle C&J. My question involves what kind of organization you would utilize in the workouts to get back into it? I'm using double 16kg, and started with some 10 reps sets, and the second workout have done some 15 rep sets, and some lower numbers as well. I really feel it the next day, and wonder what you would recommend as far as being able to get back into some 4-6 min. sets. What would be your parameters as far as when to increase weight? I'm an ectomorph, and am always looking for some upper body size. My goals would be to be able to eventually use the 24's and put up some respectable numbers. Not looking to compete, however.
    Thank you in advance.

  8. Hello Randy,
    I was curious to get your opinion of the front snatch. Why do you feel Pavel included it in his book, and why does donnie thompson like it so much? Do you feel there's much carry over to the full range snatch? What are it's particular benefits, other than the obvious?
    I've always appreciated your posts.
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