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Sundays Training

by UP NORTH on 12-15-2008 at 08:53 AM
Bottom Position Rack Squat 64kx5 104kx5 154kx1 175kx1 185kx1 195kx1 205kx1 215kx1/1
3/4 Squat 154kx2 184kx1 204kx 1 Started light and will build up slowly on these
Grip machine (2 hands) 40kx8 60kx5 91kx 3x2
seated d/bell curl 20kx8 30kx 8 25kx 7
Roman Chair Sit Ups BWX12 +12KG X 12

Friday 12/12/2008

by UP NORTH on 12-13-2008 at 09:19 AM
Barbell Clean and press 60kx5,70kx2/1 80kx1 88kx8x1
Floor press Log Bar 58kx10, 78kx5 108kx2 118kx1 128kx1 108kx3
Thick dumbbell deadlifts 60mm 41k inch x3/2 52k inchx1/1 63.5kx half/air/air
Rolling Thunder 50kx10
Leverblock curls 2kx8, 4kx5 7.5kx1
Ironboots and 90Degree hyper extentions

Poor session lacked energy and strength especially in the hands which seemed very weak

Wed 10/12/2008

by UP NORTH on 12-10-2008 at 09:59 AM
[U]Recovery/Cardio workout[/U]

[U]Titans Telegraph key[/U] 1 hand 2k x20 4kx12 taking it slow so as not to over work the thumbs the second set will increase by 2 reps per week until 20reps is reached them i will add another half kilo and start again
[U]Peg 2[/U] Reverse wrist curls 10k x9 drop to 5k x 15reps
24K Kettlebell 2 hand swing 1x20
24kg kettlebell elevated sumo squat/deadlift 1x20

Swings and squats done straight after the other as one large

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Tuesday 09/12/2008

by UP NORTH on 12-09-2008 at 10:20 AM
1 arm Push Press 20kx5 30kx5 40kx2 55k x2 62k x0/0 couldnt lock it out but not too far off 55kx2
Bent Over Row with Log Bar 58kx5 98kx5 122kx5 132kx5
2" pinch block (1 hand) 10kx10 20kx10 took this easy as thumb is still sore from Fridays thick bar work
TGU 32k x 1 40K Kettlebell =6k added in plates x1
Seated Head Harness 30kx30 reps
Front Neck raise with 15k plate 1x50 reps

Thumbs has felt sore since Friday although they have improved alot doing

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Updated 12-09-2008 at 10:22 AM by UP NORTH


Sunday 7th Dec 08

by UP NORTH on 12-08-2008 at 10:52 AM
Bottom Position Rack Squat 64kx5 104kx5 154kx1 175kx1 185kx1 195kx1 205kx1 215kx1 found these hard and used far too much lower back
Half Squat 184kx2 254kx1 287kx 0 no go again here
Grip machine (2 hands) 40kx8 60kx5 90kx 3x2
seated d/bell curl 20kx8 30kx 7 25kx 8
Roman Chair Sit Ups BWX10 +12KG X 10

Tough going on the squat but some weeks are harder than others.Ive reached my max now a 285kx1 on the half squat so i will drop the pins down to a 3/4 squat and

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