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    Default Organic versus non-organic.

    Good article. Organic is not safer, period. Both conventional and organic farmers use pesticides. A pesticides is something that KILLS organisms. Sea water is organic; why don't we drink it? Same as arsenic. The organic farming industry is business just like its counterpart. The idea that it is safer is a marketing skam. Think I'm a liar or crazy? I went to an agriculture school. I went to organic and conventional farming operations. Both applicators wear full jump suits and respirators. So much for manure and lady bugs.
    PS When testing for pesticide residue, which is what freaks everyone to organic, they test in parts per billion. Thats like a drop in an olympic size pool. Wash your food and you will be fine. Fear controls.

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    Default Organic versus non-organic.

    ok right. no difference b/t drinking milk or eating beef from a cow fed grass and one injected w/ steriods and bovine growth hormones, and antibiotics to countereffect the roids and bgh, who was fed dead cattle as part of its feed.

    right, the people who demand organic food are the ones who've been bamboozled...

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