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Thread: Favorite herbs

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    Default Favorite herbs

    I would like to know what herbs those on the forum have had success with, both in terms of training capacity and general health.

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    Default Favorite herbs

    Eating whole cloves of garlic gave me some energy and made me feel healthier but you really start to stink after a while so I stopped eating them. When I passed gas it smelled just like garlic.

    Before Popeye relied on spinach for his super-strength, he used to eat garlic

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    Default Favorite herbs

    I do a program called herbal tracer guide. I send in a saliva test and I get back a report about me that shows what systems need more support and then matches it up to herbs. I was very skeptical and doctor friends found it implausible however the test read me like a book.
    Respiratory and digestive came up as most deficient and the herbs they matched me up with helped me beat chronic sinus problems that I tend to get twice a year.
    Kind of pricey overall but well worth not being stuffed up and not able to think and work.

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