The metabolic diet, aka anabolic diet, is something I heard of on this forum. I tried the WD for a while, and I felt hungrier, but more energetic through out the day. I noticed that I became tired and groggy after a large lunch or snack. I liked this diet and will try it again when I don't work so hard at life-physically, I mean.

The chose the MD for my muscle strength and endurance. I want to make bigger gains in strength and muscle, but I don't want to look like the hulk. I already did that, and I can't afford a new wardrobe.

To my knowledge, my consistent soreness is due to a lack of protein intake. I'm no expert-which is why I bought the book-and this book seems to have promising answers. Also, I'm concerned about cholesterol, saturated fat, my body.

Just for the record, I am 27, I don't want to lose weight-maybe fat for the beach-and I want to gain muscle strength and SOME size.

Thanks for the response.