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    Default OCD, Anxiety and Depression

    So you are not OCD in terms of your training, or suspect your post would be about the ramifications of overtraining? An online fitness forum like this is not going to help you find any answers about your organic issues..I don't think? Do you think the meds are helping you? Forgive me, but this post reeks of Garm from IG? If he could write somemthing this comical. Yet. if you are in dire need I pray you get some help.

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    Default OCD, Anxiety and Depression

    I CAN be OCD regarding training; I need to know what I am doing and why. Believe me, this isn't a joke at all, but I knew I risked being seen as a wind-up, so sorry to mislead anyone.

    I know that this place isn't necessarily going to be the best place to find advice but I haven't found anything from elsewhere yet and thought I had nothing to lose by asking. On forums specifically for OCD etc, the advice you get is from fellow sufferers. That's all well and good, but I want to go beyond that and think how healthy people think. Advice from OCD sufferers will always be from that perspective, if this makes sense.

    Chiggers - thanks for your advice. I have started basic meditation and will try what you suggest

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    Default OCD, Anxiety and Depression

    I don't know if this can be helpful in your situation but my peace of mind is a birthright. I was born and raised outside of the Judeo-Christian tradition. In Tsalagi religion, people aren't especially important--people weren't made in the image of god and the earth wasn't made for people. Accordingly, since we people aren't that important, our actions just don't matter too much in the big picture. So, no matter what I do, I know that it won't matter beyond my meiopic little world. This laissez-faire world-view of the universe frees me from a lot of stress and responsibility: whether I can or cannot adduce people's inner-motivations is irrelevant to the universe. Time will move forward regardless.

    That's what gives me inner-calm. I know it sounds rather nihilistic but at least when you're not significant, you cannot make significant errors. There is freedom in that.

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