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Thread: Great link n/m

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    Default Great link n/m

    I'm not a vegetarian and, accordingly, not familiar with the literature pertaining thereto, but I was just wondering in general if all this isn't misplaced ingenuity. I mean, anything can be converted to meet almost any purpose. You could, for example, do deadlifts with 4 beasts and some duck-taped re-bar...but it would be easier, more efficient, and safer to just buy a barbell.

    So, instead of tricking out the Warrior Diet, isn't there a diet made for vegetarians which specifically addresses the needs of the proteinally-challenged?

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    Default Great link n/m

    meat in history to our species was an integral part of the b12 equation in terms of development. If not going to eat, get this from fermented foods . Have no idea about WD as I don't follow diets. I am more intersted now is staying away from HFCS etc and eating free range organnic protein sources. Want that ration of omege 3's and 6's to work.

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