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    Default What's in your feed bag?

    That is an awesome lunch box and 50lbs is a cause for celebration. It is a life changing event.

    My story is very similar to yours, I started out a bit lighter (265) and got down to 225, but then stalled. After a period of frustration I believe that I figured out why - I failed to reset what I will call, for lack of anything better, my caloric expectation.

    I expected to eat "x" so I did. What I failed to take into account is that less food is required at 225 than 265. I was unconsiously eating to maintain the higher weight. I figured this out by incorporating some of the best advice ever given in either DD forum - "Write it down".

    If your progress stalls, my unsolicited advice is:
    1. Write down your eatings and adjust your "expectations" to your newly svelt size.
    2. Reduce the simple sugars in your food choices (dates and dried fruits are super concentrated sugars).
    3. Stick with your high iron diet!

    I sincerely hope that your next post will be about needing a smaller lunch box and looking ripped 25lbs lighter ;-)

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    Default What's in your feed bag?

    Thanks for the encouragement, and congratulations on your own accomplishments. No 25lbs lighter yet, but on my weekly weigh in this past Saturday I finally broke the 235lb mark. I weigh on 2 scales, I was 235 dead on for the first and 233.5 on the second. I need to take new measurements shortly and see what that really translates to. The other night my fiancee gave me a hug and exclaimed "You're skinny!" in a very surprised voice, so that's probably saying something, lol.

    I know exactly what you mean about lowering food expectations, and that has, in fact been my main goal for the past week. Get my daily diet a little leaner, more protein, less sugar.
    Today is my usual AM protein shake, which I'll consume throughout the day
    1/2 cup of trail mix
    and 2 cans of tuna mixed with organic mayo and organic kosher pickle relish. I hope to break all of that up into 4 feeds prior to my workout at 6 tonight.

    As for the high iron diet, it's going solid. 3 days a week of squats, deadlifts, overhead presses and rows. In a few weeks, once my free time clears up a bit I want to start adding in a few days of kettle bell work as well, either in the AM on the same days as my bb lifting, or on alternating days.

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