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    ZachariahSalazarRKC is offline Senior Member
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    Please do Mr Davis. Probably wouldnt take more than a quick phone call to iron it out.

    Hunter: I Like the AD, Precision Nutrition and the Warrior Diet ( and other sorts of IF style diets). It depends on your goals and tastes. Contact me at if you want any more info on the plan zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Rob O'Brien is offline Senior Member
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    Default Anabolic Diet...

    I think Z is right. You need to tweek the diet depending on your results and macro nutrients. I find that higher fat and medium protein works better for me. I try to eat 2-3 servings of peanuts and cheese a day in addition to protein powder and other meat/protein.

    I have been using it for 5 years and

    • Feel Great
    • Carry around 10% body fat
    • have no trouble doing high reps or heavy weight even during the week
    The key for me seems to be optimizing the carb up phase and moderate caffeine during the week. Just my thoughts.

    Rob O'Brien

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    Philip Davis, RKC is offline Senior Member
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    Default Tweaking

    You and Z made some good points. I probably didn't tweak the diet enough to fit my needs. I did learn some good lessons from my little experiment..........most importantly I have a better idea of how carb sensitive I am now so if and when I decide to try the Anabolic Diet again I'll approach it from a slightly different angle. Right now I'm pretty much eating moderate fat, high protein, low to moderate carbs with an occasional carb spike in one meal about twice a week. I'm digging it so far but I'm just kind of eating by feel instead of following a plan.

    I appreciate the feedback and will look you guys up again if I give the AD another shot. I definitely know that I will need some help adjusting to keep myself primed for action all days of the week. My carb up days turned into "eat as much junk as I can before the clock runs out". I'm sure that's not what the author had in mind. Thanks again.


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