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    Default Mmmmm fat

    I tend to lean towards high fat as a general way of eating. Carbs destroy my metabolism in excess. For high fat days I love eating a big bowl of Chirashi with mostly salmon, mackerel, hamachi, spicy tuna, and salmon eggs. Its fantastic to work in a sushi restaurant for the free food alone! I am a major nut consumer as well, pecans being my favorite, they are like dessert, and almonds being my choice for a real filler to finish off my appetitte. Coconut milk blended with whey protein and plain cocoa powder is fantastic as a dessert type dish.

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    You should add butter cheese and such other heavy food in your meal for this.Also you can add some heavy fat food which can help you.

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    Default also

    hamburger, bacon, eggs, sausage, steak, ham and chicken wings with skin.

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