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    I try to drink a mixture of 20oz milk and a scoop (24g) of Whey the morning after working out.

    I work out at night, so the morning after is pretty important since I've been fasting for the last 8 hours and my muscles need those nutrients. Obviously good meals are important, but I like to give myself a nice boost right away.

    I like milk since it has casein protein, which absorbs slowly and it's effects are present for longer. Mixed with the instantly absorbed whey, it's a good combination. For this reason I like to also have this drink before I go to bed the night after working out.

    If I have 2 days of rest, I don't worry too much about drinking extra whey on that second day - I just try to eat healthy with solid protein intake.

    The 24 hour or so period after working out is, by far, the most important time to get all the protein you can.

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    No i never use any protein or vitamins tablets or shakes because i do not much believe in all this.I m happy with what i am.

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    I workout Mon/Wed/Fri. Should i take a protein shake in the morning, pre and post workout? Also on off days should i still take 3 shakes and at the sametime?

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    When I myself was going through a muscle gaining cycle (20lbs of muscle in 6 weeks), I ate very strictly, ensuring I ATE about 90% of the protein I needed, and supplemented with a protein shake post workout, I didn't mix it with milk, but I did ensure I drank some juice (grapejuice preferrably) to help the absorption of the protein. I supplemented about 40g of protein and ate the rest and got amazing results. There's my story...

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