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    Default Warrior diet vs Paleo diet?

    I have both books. They both seem similar except the warrior cuts back on food intake until one large meal at end of day. Paleo spreads out meals during day.

    Anyone have input on these? Reviews? Adv vs Disadv?

    They both seem good and make sense. Lean meats, fruits nuts, low Glycemic carbs. Paleo has no grains, milk, few eggs.


    Richard Jones

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    I have tried both. Both work for me and sometimes I use each of them intermittently. Everyone is different and it depends on how you feel. I think that the key to both styles of eating is that the food is unprocessed and as clean as possible. This maximizes nutrition and keeps the unneeded sugars low. Milk and grains are not in the Paleo diet, but otherwise the unprocessed eating aspect is similar. I find it a bit more difficult to be on the warrior diet while following the ROP and practicing on the off days, but as long as you get enough food in the eating phase it is not a problem. You really have to eat big in the eating period or you will not get the calories.

    I like them both since they revolve around eating natural whole foods, but any choice of eating should be based on how you feel. Give them a try.

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