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Lean Eating: neural training first and mc's C1T sure fire diet


New member
some thoughts on the brand new
mc's Change One Thing (at a time) Sure Fire Fat Loss Diet.

Guarenteed - you know someone who needs to lose weight and has struggled repeatedly with diets - even yours - and failed?

This will work - if they're ready to take some small persistent steps, one at a time, towards weight loss.

The discipline will actually be to hold themselves back from their desire to do more than is being asked.

But like a good coach whose client wants to start with a really heavy KB, ya gotta hold 'em back.


let me know what you think. REmember this is likely not for you who already has your diet swing practice getting dialed in. IT's for those folks who want to "get in shape" and haven't excercised in years - same with this: want to get lean and haven't ever practiced healthy eating.

(and yup there's a ton of research and practice behind this one)


New member
anyone shared this with a friend struggling to lose weight? any response?

thanks much

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