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    Default transitioning to WD

    I'm currently on a modified Atkins Diet plan. Details:

    It's almost paleo- We rely very heavily on natural foods. There's not a single Atkins brand thing in the house except the original 1970s copy of the book. Food is almost purely raw leafy greens and meats. Some cheese, some eggs, the occasional naturally pickled vegetable. We make our own mayo, blue cheese dressings, even sausage is homemade.

    I'm in a ketogenic state, I eat relatively lightly in the daytime already, and everything is working so far, though a bit slowly.

    An average food log entry: (note: I stopped tracking water early on and just make sure I empty and fill a 1 liter bottle at least 4 times a day)

    07:40 cup of black coffee
    08:00 light workout (12-15 minutes light kettlebell and bag work)
    08:30 cup coffee with heavy cream.
    10:00 (snipped for the paste, brutal minimalist style with some extra warmup and cooldown) heavy workout
    11:00 2 sausage patties, one megamen vitamin, one vitamin e tablet.
    12:40 intermediate 5 minute workout
    14:30 i cup salad with 1 ounce cheddar and tablespoon blue cheese
    16:00 hansen's diet soda
    17:15 intermediate 5 minute workout
    18:30 hansen's diet soda
    17:30 2 cheeseburgers on lettuce, 1/4 pound, 1 ounce cheese each, teaspoon mayo on each. 1/3 dill pickle in slices. Hard boiled egg, 1 cup salad greens. Hansen's diet soda. Mega Men multi and vitamin C tablet.
    20:45 20 almonds.

    That's neither a specially heavy nor light day, food or workout wise right now.

    With the exception of the cheeses and eggs it's a largely paleo style diet to begin with. I'm not feeling like I can sustain with it long term without bumping up the evening food a fair amount. I'm really scared of adding in fruits right now, though I am okay with veggies (I do eat more than salad, just... raw, unless I'm doing a quick stir fry of leftover meats with dandelion and kale or something)

    I'm reading the WD, and working out how I want to transition, if I need to transition. I'm not sure what i'm transitioning to at this point. (1: still rereading the book. 2: trying to see how I can make larger and more satisfying meals for dinner without going crazy with taters, bread, and cooked veggies.)

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    Cold turkey works for me. But then, I'm used to working in a restaurant where we usually didn't take a lunch break, so I would often roll out of bed and work 8 hours straight on an empty stomach without thinking about the WD.

    However, if you go this route, you will probably go apeshit on your single meal for a week or so. Man, last time I started up the WD, I would just eat mounds of food. The few hours before the meal, I'd be planning all the stuff I was going to kill. Then 3-5 days into it, I'd get into the groove and my consumption would drop quite a bit. I'd stop eating so fast, and I didn't feel the need to eat so much.

    But right now the WD doesn't work too well for me because I am not working, so I end up sitting around and thinking about food all day long! That's just torturous.

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    I followed the Atkins diet about five years ago and was able to lose 65 pounds. Unfortunately once my routine changed after we moved I ended up gaining it back. Same old story!

    Since then I've done a lot of reading about nutrition, various dieting methods, experimenting with what works and what doesn't.

    One thing I would say is that there really is no need to be in a ketogenic state at this point. Even on the traditional Atkins diet, this was only meant for phase 1 which was two weeks, mostly to break people of their sugar addiction and help them adjust to the new way of eating. Phase 2 introduced fruits along with vegetables, etc, and that should be enough to come out of ketosis.

    One thing I found was that by following the Atkins plan over several months, when I did eat the carb rich foods, the weight came back more quickly. Knowing what I know now, there is no way anyone should be afraid of eating fruits. I'd slowly start adding fruits back in, starting with the ones that have the lowest glycemic load.

    In regards to the Warrior Diet, I really enjoy following it. The main idea of 'low carb' is mostly to eat whole, unprocessed foods such as vegetables, fruits, organic dairy, organic meats. Avoid starchy, processed foods that are high in chemicals. Those are the ones that abuse carbs the most. Beyond that, though, there really is no need to completely restrict carbs by elminating fruits or lowering the daily amount to 20 or less.

    One advantage of ketosis was not feeling hungry; there were times I had to force myself to eat. With the Warrior Diet I also find that I am not hungry. I dont focus on food throughout the day; I bring a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits with me to work and usually do not touch them until early afternoon. The craving for food really isn't there, especially when the food is not junk food.

    By the time late afternoon rolls around, I am truly hungry, not just bored hungry or I just spiked my insulin hungry. I eat a fresh salad with a lot of vegetables then move on to protein with cooked vegetables. I am keeping track of calories mostly for my own interest. This is a daily routine that I don't really have to think about. Even when I am home on the weekends I do not have any problems undereating during the day.

    I wish you good luck on your transition! You shouldn't be punishing yourself by limiting carbs or food in your effort to get healthy. The warrior diet, to me, is not restrictive at all.

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