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The amount of resveratrol in grapes, red wine, and (I believe) peanuts is quite miniscule compared to what has been studied as effective in studies. I believe to get the minimum amount to really see the benefits you would have to drink an entire bottle of red wine or more. There is a book out on this very subject by Joseph Maroon called The Longevity Factor. Read that if you would like to learn more, and watch this video here in which he gives an overview of his work:
The Longevity Factor: Joseph Maroon - Video
Yeah, well that is a failing of medical science, not the grapes. If you eat a pound of red grapes (not as hard as it sounds, they disappear quick) that will be a fair amount of revesterol, now even if it is not close to the "theraputic" doses given in studies it will still be good for your body. Furthermore, it is synergystic with other anti-oxidants, so eating grapes, along with other healthy foods will have a great effect on you, despite not eating what should be a "therapeutic dose"

Just eat lots of different fruits and veggies and you will be fine.