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Thread: Warrior Diet: My results after 1 month...

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    Thumbs up Warrior Diet: My results after 1 month...

    OK I finally went for it and tried the warrior diet. Coming from the traditional 6-7 small meals a day I was very hesitant on starting this diet. My biggest concern was strength & muscle loss. Now I was in good shape starting this diet. I was 5'10 about 198. But I was feeling bloated in the mid section. I felt if I can keep my muscle and get down to 190 or 185 that would be perfect.

    Now to my 1 month experience....

    The first thing I noticed was the heightened level of alertness & energy during the day. I feel more alert at work. I also dont feel the stress of oh my gosh its 9am and I need to eat my timed meals. I remember eating those meals at times when I wasnt even hungry. Like Ori said its good to be hungry during the day. My biggest fear was the loss of strength & size but it never happened.

    I start off my early rise with veggie juice from a juicer. Carrots, cucumbers, celery etc. And I pop a multi vitamin.

    Then before I start the bulk of my work Ill have some berries with a small portion of cottage cheese (active cultures) or non fat plain yogurt.

    Of course around noon or 1 Ill be feeling the grumbles so I have romaine lettuce with tomato. A hard boiled egg with some almonds.

    Now if Im struggling throughout the day (which I really havnt) then Ill pop a few almonds in the afternoon maybe a slice or 2 of a pear. maybe some slices of a raw pepper or carrot sticks. Just to take the edge off.

    Now a hour before I train ill have a coffee with a splash of skim milk with a multivitamin

    My post workout shake is whey, banana, honey & peanut butter. Of course only 3 times a week on my workout days with weights.

    At night I then RIP. I usually eat my large meal around 630. Nice salad, cooked veggies, 1 pound of meat, fish or beans. With complex carbs. Ill keep going if I have to. In a 1 hour span I polish it all off.

    Then Im good. No cravings at night obviously. I remember doing the 6-7 meals a day always starving at night. Raiding the fridge. Making MRPs. It was a pain in the butt.

    I think what I need to do is space out my BIG meal a little better. Its tough to continue eating for 3-4 hours because I want to have a life. I want to eat once BIG. I did read that Ori will have 1 meal. Then go back and have another. And keep going until he felt full. So he could have 3 or 4 normal meals in that 4 hour span.

    Right before bed I have a whey protein shake. Then Im done.

    Im really starting to love this lifestyle. Im down to 190 and I feel more muscular and tighter. I dont feel like I lost any size except around my mid section so its working. My strength levels have remained the same or are a smidgen better.

    On Sunday I cheat. Ill go and get pizza or my favorite pumpkin muffin from dunkin donuts. Maybe some taco bell. Usually its a big carb day. So Im overeating most of the day. But so far so good. I dont follow the lifestyle on Sundays.

    I would like to keep the same muscle & get down to 185 then level out. I currently do full body workouts 3x a week. Ill probably start doing some light cardio on my off days. Im not a big cardio guy. I love saving it for the iron.

    I highly recommend this lifestyle of the warrior diet.
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    Terrific post. I started the Warrior lifestyle in July, and quickly dropped bodyfat and have visible abs for the first time in my life.

    I actually want to gain a little weight now, and am having a difficult time. I do not want to reintroduce bread and milk to my diet, and am usually not hungry enough to eat more than 8 oz of meat or so during my big meal. My daily caloric intake is below 2000 for sure. Not easy to keep the diet clean and gain weight.

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