since we have a recent vegetarian thread, I assume there is interest so I thought I would post something.

I do not eat bread because it makes me bloated. I assumed I had some gluten issues, but I have found that it is something about bread, but it is not the gluten.

I can eat seitan which is essentially nothing but gluten.

Yet I did not want to buy the commercially produced seitan because of all the additives.

So I made my own.

I mix vital wheat flour with almost as much water. After kneading it, it becomes a rubber ball. Slice the ball into discs. Drop the discs into some gently boiling water. They will sink. When they float, they are done.

Now you have discs of bland protein for your cooking and culinary needs. I like mine bland so that I can cube them up and toss them into things imperceptably. If you want less bland seitan, then use lemon juice instead of water when you are making it, or boil it in something like broth, or merely use liberal amounts of salt and herbs while mixing it.

I do this about once a month. I try to limit my consumption of this so that I do not contract a gluten allergy by eating too much of this stuff.