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    I need help.

    I want to loose 1 stone asap ( not overnight - willing to put the effort in )

    I am looking for suggestions so I can have a look at them all and then have a go at want I feel is best for me.

    Please make as many suggestions as possible

    Thanks in anticipation

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    cut off your head.

    All joking aside, no one can help you until you provide some data. Fat loss is mostly about your diet. Therefore, provide people with a truthful sample menu of what you eat. Add to that your vital statistics, your training regimen, etc.

    Without specific details, people can only give the broadest kinds of advice such as eat less than you expend, or follow the Paleo Diet, or ...

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    Sorry about the wise crack on the main forum I couldn't help myself.

    I've got to agree with Semonides here though it's a bit like phoning an unknown doctor and asking "I'm sick what's wrong ?"

    One thing a lot of western people have in common is a sluggish liver through years of eating the wrong foods the wrong way.
    Waking up a sluggish liver can be a good way to get started, as once your liver is functioning well the weight will be much easier to lose.
    If the weight is not coming off after 2 months of weight training a naturopath may be able to help you kickstart your liver and help you reach your goals
    A good book is The Liver cleansing diet - by Dr Sandra Cabot.

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