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    Default cycling on and off the Warrior Diet

    Was hoping to get some feedback on a few other people's experiences with cycling on and off on the Warrior diet and similar diets.

    I tend to cycle off for most of the day on weekends.

    I don't prepare my usual tea, drink less water, and eat more.

    my nutrition on saturday was sub-optimal; ok it was crap for the most part but my metabolism was still fired up enough that I lost two pounds by Sunday morning. This morning however I was back up two pounds and had seemingly reset my metabolism.
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    I have cycled on and off for about three weeks now. Same as you on during the week and off on the weekends. The first time on I lost 8 pounds went off gained 5 back on lost 6 off up 8 on lost five. So im down 6 lbs total in three weeks and I feel great. It really hard to do without support but its empowering. My wife eats like crap and never gains weight and my son is 16 months so he is ALWAYS hungry. I try not to judge by the scale because what you eat and drink ads to your weight. just find what works for you and stay with it. I eat a ton of almonds and eat all the venison I have and whatever I can get from the family. Hunting season is prime shopping time.

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    As mentioned here before, this is what I do and I'm very happy with it. I weigh myself every morning - after Mexican food at a restaurant late Sunday for dinner, I weighed 154.6 on Monday morning. This morning, Tuesday, 153.0. I expect to be 150. something by the end of the week. For me, I've come to expect and enjoy a few pounds extra showing on the scale on Monday morning. It's just food in my gut and nothing more to the best of my knowledge - it doesn't represent any real weight loss or gain, just food and the associated water retention.

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    Default procedures

    It is your very nice thought that you always prefer optimal diet on Saturday. After a day Monday comes and all procedures become start again. You can get rest on Sunday and can get your job well done.

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