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    Default ESE, working out in the morning and feeling like my blood sugar is low

    hey guys,

    i'm a week into kettlebell burn. i like to workout in the mornings and in the past this has generally worked for me, but now i have a few issues. first, i emailed geoff about continuing ESE while on KBB and he said that would be fine. even so, i'm still trying as best i can to follow his eating suggestions. here is how my week looks

    monday - workout before breakfast - eating a boatload throughout the day
    tuesday - eat dinner
    wednesday - workout before breakfast - eating a boatload through the day
    thursday - eat dinner
    friday - workout before breakfast - eating a boatload through the day

    this worked for me before KBB. i don't know if it's the increased eating and/or the workouts but i'm staying a lot more hungry. when i wake in the mornings i feel pretty week. yesterdays workout was pretty hard to get through. i wondered if it had to do with coming off of a fast day. but this morning i had that same weak feeling first thing in the morning after spending yesterday eating.

    i see myself having a few options and i'm looking for a little advice.

    1 - stop fasting while using KBB (saturday and sunday fasts don't work too well for my schedule)
    2 - change workout days or times (would really rather not - again because of scheduling)
    3 - i get up at 6:30 to read and pray and workout at 7:00. could i maybe have a small snack at 6:30 that would help give some energy by 7:00?

    number 3 is my most liked option but i don't want to eat a lot because i don't want to taste my food while working out. also, i'm kinda limited in what i can eat while doing KBB. main limitations are all my carbs from from various fruits and veggies.

    any help you guys can give will be greatly appreciated.

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    Here's my thinking.

    Move your fasts around. The goal is a 24hr fast right? So grab a big breakfast meal after your workout and blast your fast off from there and keep fasting the day trough and up until breakfast the day after.


    sunday - eat
    monday - workout followed by big breakfast meal, then blast off the fast and keep going to...
    tuesday - fast stops at breakfast, go on eating.
    wednesday - workout + eat boats
    thursday - more boats
    friday - workout + recovery breakfast. hit the fast.
    saturday - breakfast to break the fast..

    Bonus is that you can use your pastas and other nice carbs for the big breakfast after your workout

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