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    I go for Omega 3 Fish Oil. : ) Acquiring enough of this oil gives you many great benefits particularly in one's heart, vision, brain and aids in diseases like high cholesterol, cancer etc. There are so many resources of omega 3 fish oil from foods and supplements. For foods, there are fishes, berries and nuts. While on supplements, there is omega 3 fish oil. Maxalife’s Omega 3 Fish Oil is the purest in the world.

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    Better yet. Eat pasture raised beef and poultry. Stay away from excessive frying cooking with oils.

    Eat lean, clean and green.

    Have routine blood worked up to look for any deficiencies.

    And drink Guinness instead of fish oil!!

    BTW: I supplement with fish oil since krill oil is waaay to expensive for 5gm a day. I prefer 'Carlson's Finest' since they have a good reputation and the lemon flavored is very tolerable. 'Nordic Naturals' capsules are what the MD prescribed for my kids and NN has a good reputaion as well.

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    +1 on Carlson's Fish Oil, Amazon usually has a great deal on bulk buys.

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    Hi dear,

    Fish oil is more effective for health as compare to krill oil.
    It play an important role in burning fat and losing weight .
    It also control cholesterol level and prevent from serious heart problems.
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