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    Default Changing diet during injury

    Hey All,

    Last night I took a pretty hard hit playing basketball and have bruised my ribs.

    My question is what dietry changes if any are recommended during such an injury? e.g What foods should I eat more of to recover as quick as possible?

    Note: I also adhere to the warrior diet.



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    Get a good bone broth recipe. Gives tons of minerals and is a natural source of glucosamine/chondroitin for joints.

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    Just eat. Your body will know what to do.

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    If you have a proper diet to begin with, you don't need to change a thing for minor injuries such as bruising, just keep up with a varied, well balanced intake of food.

    If you have severe injuries, such as broken bones, a case can be made for increasing some nutrients in your diet such calcium, but there is little empirical data to support this.

    I'm willing to wager you have more than adequate nutrients in your diet, even for a more pronounced injury. I say this because you are interested in fitness and nutrition and are disciplined enough to be on a formalized and respected diet / eating plan.

    You're healing will be greatly benefited by icing the bruised area for 24 hours, then applying heat to reduce the swelling and to speed the consolidation of interstitial fluids (the cellular-level leakage that causes the coloration in the bruise). Remember the old adage of RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) in treating injury of this type. Swap the ice for heat after 24 hours unless the swelling is very pronounced and increasing. If that's the case you really should be evaluated by a physician.

    If nutrition could make a difference in your healing time, which I doubt in your case ... I'd be surprised if you would even be able to notice it.
    Be well ... Lee.

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