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    To adequately treat crohn's disease you need to look at it's cause, which is from a hypersensitive and overactive impaired immune response. The immune system is causing inflammation in the intestines. Once the immune system is modulated back to normal, the symptoms should subside.

    Recently through research trials, hookworms and other symbiotic nematodes have been shown to modulate peoples immune systems back to normal who have impaired and hypersensitive immune systems diseases like asthma, multiple sclerosis, allergies and crohn's. The problem is for some people through evolution and genetics their immune systems will not function properly unless they have parasites. Untill about 50 years ago, it was normal for everyone to have parasites. Now this is not the case. We humans have evolved for millions of years to co-exist with certain bacteria and parasites. Now with the overuse of anti-biotics, disinfectants in people in the last 50 years, we have a epidemic of immune related disease like allergies, asthma etc.

    Here are some of those research journals.

    Trichuris suis therapy in Crohn’s disease

    An update on the use of helminths to treat Crohn’s
    and other autoimmunune diseases

    The use of Trichuris suis and other helminth therapies
    to treat Crohn’s disease

    Does the failure to acquire helminthic parasites predispose to Crohn’s disease?

    Trichuris suis seems to be safe and possibly effective in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease

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    Default SCD diet

    google SCD diet (specific carbohydrate diet). It works where all else has failed.

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