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    Default Dogmatic clients?

    Has anyone had or known clients or family members that are fiercely dogmatic when it comes to nutrition?

    I was eating some of my tasty casein and was talking to my girlfriend about how tasty it is and she should try it, to replace breakfast from cereal to casein, or take it before bed as a snack as oppose to a snack high in carbs like rice cakes or a cereal bar.

    She said that it will make her fat, and that protein will make you fat. She has a very high carb diet, and even though we are dieting very well and exercising recently since we are going away in 6 months time, she is struggling to lose weight because of her diet.

    We have had arguements before, fairly serious ones regarding this. I promised to stop hounding her about her diet but this trip will mean alot to us (getting married!) and im losing weight with my high protein diet, and she is not on her high carb.

    She will refuse to research dieting or how the body works in regards to insulin and carbs, she will not look at the science and instead will go on her "gut feeling" about things such as protein making you fat.

    Has anyone had a client or relative like this, who is extremely dogmatic that you managed to turn around to the right way of thinking in regards to dieting?


    (post was not proof read, sorry for any inconsistencies)

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    I try to not let me work spill over to family life, especially girlfriends. I will give hints here and there, but never insist on anything. If someone asks for my advice, however, I will give all the info I need to give them.

    With clients, I like to slowly break down their bias towards the misinformation the media has fed them for countless years. After all, they are paying a premium for my services - so I feel I can be more direct with them. I offer so much support to keep them towards a better life. Small changes at a time, and suddenly they realise their whole eating format has changed.

    I think it's one of those things - people have to live it to understand it and believe it. When you eat properly for your goals and health, you look back on your old ways and think 'did I really use to eat that poorly'.

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    It's a common thing... not just loved ones will give you the "oh gosh.. why don't you just eat like normal people?" without seeming to realise that what Joe Average is actually eating today is quite different compared to just 50-60 years ago, and also refusing to think that it has some part in their physique. Trying to force feed people information about nutrition and what not is not really working for me and I just stay as far away from discussing eating with friends and others I meet. They know what is best because ... well.. I have no idea how they know to be honest. I guess its a mixture of fad dieting and how they were brought up and culture at large. So they know they're right and anything else is wrong.

    With clients it is often a whole other deal. They're usually coming to me with some belief that I'm a bit of a health guru and what I say is Truth. It's pretty easy to get them to change habits.

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    I find people in general are pretty dogmatic about diet, religion and politics. When it comes to diet, the best way to convince some one that your view is the best is to show them by example.

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