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    Default Creatine and The Warrior Diet

    Hi guys

    I am currently on the warrior diet and really enjoying it. My question is about creatine supplementation when on the warrior diet. Generally, creatine is advised to be taken before and after workouts, would this be the same with the warrior diet or would you take the creatine with the evening meal?


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    before and after seems a bit strange. After workout, with some carbs, is pretty much ideal for uptake of it because of well.. insulin really.

    Normally one eats 5grams every day, all at one time, after a loading phase. The loading phase isn't strictly necessary but will fill up your creatine phosphate storage faster. Also supplementing 5grams every day is probably also not necessary.

    As for before and after workout? Dunno why you'd eat it twice / day.

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    I have mine in my morning coffee hours before a workout. I dont think it matters when you take it as long as you take it.

    If anyone feels the need to post something about my creatine in my coffee, slap youself silly!

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    jonathan8940 Guest


    Creatine is a best pre work out supplement.

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