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    Default anabolic diet (Questions)

    I have been looking at the Anabolic Diet and I really wanted to give this a try. I wanted to see if I could get the answers to some questions first though.

    Goal: To loose fat while maintaining (adding would be nice) muscle.

    1. I am doing a 20 rep squat program right now. I am assuming that I should wait until I am finished to swtich to such a diet? I'm gonna do a low rep program so I should wait until then? I am guessing that I would not gain any benifit from switching to the diet while keeping my cals up to gain muscle from the squats? I ask because I am ignorant of the subject.

    2. Does a program like this really make you feel weak for the first few weeks? Would you be able to work out normally?

    3. Is there any way to get in carbs around workouts (Right before, right after) or does that ruin the whole point of getting your body to burn the fat?

    4. Any tips on maintaining muscle while loosing weight?
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    Look into carb backloading instead of the anabolic diet! This is the program I use so I can vouch for its effectiveness!
    I have used the AD before and got very little results! Since the start of December with CBL I have added 8kg with no bf% increase!
    If you have quite a bit of fat to lose it is very effective whilst doing heavy weight training

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    Just wanna ask something here...

    I grew up on Hardgainers and trained like a hardgainer.

    For a "hardgainer" its impossible to lose fat and gain muscle. That is the mantra I have gone with for years. To loss fat and gain muscle is extremely hard but it seems its fairly easy if your not going for full on bodybuilding. I am losing fat and gaining muscle doing pull-ups, push-ups, TGU's and swings and C&P's.

    Any thoughts on that? I hope if anyone answers it benefits the OP (sorry for slightly highjacking! )


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