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    Default I follow Paleo diet but I'm afraid of undereating

    Hi all,

    I'm 43, man, and morbidly obese. Well, that's a nice way to introduce myself..

    My doctor recommended the Paleo way of eating and I started in november. I also work out four times a week (ETK PM) and go for a walk or a bike ride. I already lost 15 pounds, but I'm a bit worried.

    I eat two, three times a day, every week I fast for 24 hours (I love it). When I calculate my calories it is really low (around 1200 calories), but I'm not hungry and I have more energy. Still, I worry about losing muscle mass.

    I prefer to eat more calories (at least 2100), but I already have a hard time with the big salads I eat now.

    Would you perhaps share your meal plan with me for ideas?

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    This is not an answer but my experience with fasting and undereating.

    I fast for around 17 hours twice a week, sometimes more. Those days I try and eat healthy and normally eat around 1400 calories. Other days I eat "normally" (I skip breakfast, drink coffee up to around 2pm and have something small, then dinner later) and eat around 2100 calories. Maybe once or twice a week I eat around 3000 calories of crap.

    Protein is kept high but some days its 100g, others 200g. Its not planned, it just depends how I can fit it in during the day. I am losing weight doing this.

    Regarding muscle. I was progressively gaining more reps in pullups while eating only 100g of protein a day on the same diet above. Even if I didnt gain any muscle, the weight loss makes it look like you gained some.

    In my opinion, undereating is only the enemy of the bodybuilder. You can still get big, strong and lean by undereating. You just have a limit to how far you can go with what your eating. I think overeating is bodybuilders way of not having that limit.

    Sorry if this post is confusing. My diet is confusing Just keep it up and dont give up. One day you will have the luxury of deciding to add muscle onto your frame because you think you look to small!


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    If you're still morbidly obese , now some three months into a program that has seen good results in quality of life, then there was a lot of you to begin with. I say that because a) you had muscle already for carrying your weight around and b) you have a physiology to put on mass. You will probably maintain muscle now and be able to build it later.

    I would say it to worry about muscle mass until your total mass is down. Continue to train strong, and your muscles will maintain. Right now, every pound of fat adds x number of miles of blood vessels and y points of blood pressure. Get health-ier than morbidly obese, then fine tune it.

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