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    Quote Originally Posted by jetronin View Post
    Meat linked to cancer?
    Perhaps you want to tell that to the hundreds of thousands of your ancestors that hunted for meat....and survived long enough to reproduce.
    Look at the quality of the meat you buy. The majority of the meat you buy from supermarkets is basically, poisoned. The animal it came from, filled with hormones and medicines, fed garbage and lived it's whole life on a festering, tiny patch of land.
    Meat is not the problem. Quality is the problem.

    Select good quality meat from reliable sources. Vegetarianism is for cows, sheep, goats and many other delicious animals....
    +1 Look at the quality of your meat. Grass fed organic red meat, free range chicken, no hormones or abx. Anything other than this as David stated is basically poisoned.

    Mike Mahler has a lot of good info on his site about nutrition and hormone optimization. I believe he is a vegetarian as well.
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    Ori Hofmekler's 'Unlock Your Muscle Gene' contains a good deal of information on applying a vegetarian diet towards an anabolic diet.

    Currently, I am applying Geoff Neupert's 'Kettlebell Muscle' protocol to the aforementioned nutritional approach. After the twelve week program, I will post my results.

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    There is a very strong correlation between colon cancer and HIGH consumption levels of meats cured with nitrates. These nitrates are the problem, not the meat itself. This get translated by the masses as "Don't eat meat (implicit suggestion all and any meat) ... it causes cancer.

    Of course "high" is a relative term and different studies state different amounts. Basically don't eat bacon or cured sausages every day of the week and you will not suffer a higher probability of cancer. Okay maybe limit your consumption to a few times per week to a few times per month.

    There is a very weak correlation between colon cancer and consumption of marbled red meat (beef for example). The statistics are far from clear however. Moderate levels of meat in the diet are fine according to the vast majority of studies. Eating non-marbled meats (venison for example) do not show this correlation.

    So as stated earlier ... the quality of the meat is paramount. Use moderation and plan your diet well and there is no reason to forgo meat at least for health reasons.

    In fact, in the last few years several long-term longitudinal studies have questioned the use of vegetarian diets. Now that there has been a statistically significant number of people who have lived a vegetarian life-style for several decades (from the 60's forward) these studies can be made.

    It seems that most vegetarians do not get all 22 amino acids in their diet. This causes long term deficiencies in their protein production that is showing up in disease of the cell walls, particularly in cardiac tissue. So we are seeing heart problems later in life due to vegetarian diets. It's rather ironic I think. The sad thing is that this type of damage is not treatable. It stems from chronic mal-production of the proteins necessary for proper cell function.

    Many many years ago a very wise individual counseled "moderation in all things". It's funny how some of these ancient truths keep being "rediscovered".
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    Vegetarian AND ketogenic? Eat nothing but coconut oil.
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