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Thread: Pulse feedings

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    Default Pulse feedings

    Who is right? Ori says to have some whey during the day. Iron Addict and T Nations (pulse feasting) says to have some casein feedings during the day. From what I gather most of the "physique" IF'ers have nothing during the day, but for those of us that have manual labour jobs or just work hard during the day and workout after work, protein during the day would be a good idea. Thoughts or ideas? I don;t like to eat during the day so a protein shake would fit well with my busy schedule and fit nicely with my fluid intake.

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    I have a manual labor job and generally go for Ori's muscle rejuvenating strategy. I would just have some fresh fruit/ vegetables coupled with some sort of light protein like kefir or plain yogurt every few hours or when you feel the need.

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