Since I'm a student, I'll only post my 4small meals(I eat after my 5:00am morning cardio;then recess; then lunch; then dinner.)

As a small number of you guys may see, I made a typo on my last question and instead of saying 23% body fat, I type 13%, I apologise. But since 2 sandwiches a day and potatoes don't do much but leave me to starve, here's my new plan, dramatically changed:

1 1/2 cup of oatmeal with milk(microwaved)
1 Granny Smith apple

1 Bacon and lettuce sandwich
1 Medium-sized banana(yes, everyone makes fun of me when I eat that, you should get what that means)

1 chicken breast fillet
Peach slices(about 10 of them, which probably is enough to make 2 peaches)
Spinach Leaves

1 fish fillet
Spinach leaves
half a tomato
Some iceberg lettuce
Some broccoli

Also, during the day, at random parts, I would eat a handful or two sunflower seeds, 5-10 strawberries and some oranges and probably another Granny Smith apple.

While searching net i got these this from daily fitness site. But don’t know are they really good?

This is my daily exercise plan:

From here I would like to point out that I don't care whether or not cardio burns muscle, I don't want to have much muscle and I don't want fat either, I want my body to be lean enough and to be ready for military service by the end of January.

Morning(empty stomach, burns more fat... and yes I'm exhausted but I play games on the iPhone before so I don't feel very stuffed):
Mountain Climber
20 push ups

--30 second recovery--

High knees (30 seconds)
Russian Lunges (30 seconds)

--I don't train during school--

After school:

At the park:
Brisk walking(20 minutes)
Jogging(10 minutes)
Sprinting(3 minutes)

Then I come home and do:

Jumping squats(I do 1 per 2 seconds and keep at it for 30 seconds so that's 15 reps)
Side-to-side push ups(same speed as above)
Mountain climber(for 30 seconds)
Half-burpees(for 30 seconds)

Rest for 60 seconds

High knees(30 seconds)
Russian Lunges(30 seconds)

--the above 2 are repeated in 2 more sets, leading to 2 more minutes of doing both of them--

--30 second recovery--

20 push ups
30 seconds of star jumps and finally,
30 seconds of mountain climber

--then I finish by 7:00pm and do what I always do at night, go on the computer and do my homework.