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    Default Vitamin & Mineral Book

    Could anybody recommend a good book or source on vitamins and minerals? One that look at why we need them, where we find them and illnesses caused by deficiencies.
    I have one book, but it is quite old now

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    The Warrior Diet has some stuff like that. Don't know about some of the paleo-diet type books, never read them (some good reviews, though). Rosemary Gladstar has some awesome books (Medicinal Herbs: A Beginner's Guide sounds like what you're looking for- tells you how to grow them, make them into teas/salves/decoctions/etc..., and different recipes for different things). That one mentions a bunch of stuff on the benefits & nutrients of different plants.

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    I am totally agreed with you Wolfeye that The Warrior Diet has good stuff. I have read so many books but this one is good and i also heard a lot about it.
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    If you want me to suggest you about Mineral products and books about it then I can Suggest You Magnesium Minerals and this book Natural Health Books by Dr. Dean | Dr Carolyn Dean MD ND

    Check out this video by Dr. Carolyn Dean

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