We're looking for folks with a passion for nutrition to help us look at food and understand the simple question is it healthy?

and how best figure that out.

If you're game, and would like to help out science and do some real research, here's how - with an explanation form one of my phd students:

" You are invited to participate in this research study to help us study the visualization of crowd's food's assessments. Your task is to first fill out a simple questionnaire about yourself. Then you are asked to complete 15 food's healthiness evaluation by using three different type of user interfaces. After food evaluation task, you will be asked to look at the visualization of evaluation results we collected before then you are asked to change your evaluation or not. In the end, you will be asked to fill out a simple questionnaire about the visualizations. The whole study will take around 20 mins."

As you can see, y'all are ideal folks.
here's the link

if there's a few other folks you trust to participate with us, please share the link with them.

Thank you for your help and time,

m.c. from the i'm a professor side of the house
for this one