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    Default Nutrition advice for a student/athlete

    Hello everybody :-)
    I am a medicine student at a very competitive University for medicine. Not necessarily among students, but the expectations of professors are quite ridiculous and exam period in particular demands a lot of work!

    Besides that, I meditate regularly for which I use up to two hours a day, depending on the subject of reflection and how much room I give for the individual stages.

    I did get caught up in social happenings a lot at the beginning but quickly found it very unsatisfying and non conducive to my goals. But I need to blow some steam out so I picked up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu alongside my Convict Conditioning training. I know that there are more optimal ways of strength and conditioning for BJJ than CC, but I use CC primarly to heal and strengthen my body from the weaknesses it has picked up along the way. Also, I can do it a home which is incredibly handy and time saving.

    Last but not least, I also have a singing lesson once a week, which, depending on the piece I work on, can be incredibly exhausting.

    I am 29 now and noticed that my regeneration, especially from CC and BJJ practice is tedious and slow. I will wake up after 8 hours of sleep being pretty sore and tired and I noticed being pretty dull during study time.

    I refuse to believe that I do too much, and that everything has its place, I just need to work on my energy intake. I usually hate supplements but have taken up protein shakes (I spice it up a little with almonds, bananas, frozen berries...) and was wondering if you had (particularly vegetarian) suggestions on how I can improve my regeneration to be fit and ready for all these activities!


    Edit: Some basic information:
    Age: 29
    Height 198cm/6´6"
    Weight: 98kg/212 pounds (I think...)
    BJJ practice: 2x a week
    CC: 2x a week
    Additional exercise: singing and I commute by bike which amounts to about 60km/37 miles (not a whole lot but I sprint most of it to make it count) during the week.
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    If sore/tired after 8 hrs of sleep, maybe you need a new/better mattress. Sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress will affect your entire day - especially recovery. Sleeping disorders will also greatly effect your day. Do you wake up alot at night? Toss and turn? Do you leave the television on at night? Also consider taking multi vitamins. You might be lacking important minerals in your diet. But it sounds like you care about your eating. Fruits, vegetables, lean beef and fats. ..Dennis

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    Nice post about nutrition. Its really a great information and guideline. No doubt that a student needs some healthy nutrition. It is good to add some healthy food in diet and proper sleeping is also important. Regular exercise is also beneficial for student.
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    hi friends,
    I want to share tips for college going students, the student lifestyle is full ofstudy stress, eating on the run, studying late and the freedom to eat whatever they want. To avoid health issues, make smart eating choice. Follow a diet based on food from plants, including fruits and vegetables. Get protein from nuts, eggs and lean poultry. Limit red meat, processed meat, sugary soft drinks salt and food made from refined grains.

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    I can suggest you a resource of Nutrition for a student/athlete such as ReMag. It's good and without side affects.

    Check out the following video:

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