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Thread: How to get nutrition through liquids?

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    Default How to get nutrition through liquids?

    I've just had braces put on and the orthodontist put a composite on two back teeth to keep my bite open, so essentially I can't bite or chew anything. Also, being that my teeth were buffed back I can't have anything too colourful as it will stain my teeth.
    I'm not sure how I will get the nutrition I need without being able to eat solids. I also need to stay away from things that will get stuck in my braces such as chia.
    My jaw will stay like this for 4 months.

    thank you

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    I drink 1/2 gallon of lactose free whole milk every morning (over 1200 calories) and I feel better than ever. Its a zone perfect food and it taste delicious. I would take a fiber supplement with it if I wasn't eating solids though. Also I used to drink a whole gallon back in high school (over 2400 calories) for breakfast and it made me feel great.

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    Do whey or egg white protein shakes with different berries and a ton of greens mixed in. I'd also include almond butter as a healthy fat. With all due respect, whole milk is loaded with saturated fats which are incredibly inflammatory, and, most milk in North America has a variety of wonderful substances ranging from BGH to antibiotics. Plus, most milk contains pus from the cow's bladder due to the conditions these animals are raised in, plus, the fact they're fed grains...something which slowly kills the animal (watch the movie King Corn).

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    Basically go with Fruit juices, including nectars and juices with pulp and water. These are the best natural resource of nutrition.

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    Go with fruits or supplements such as RnA Magnesium Minerals or other type of liquids such as drinks etc. But i will prefer you to take supplements first without any side-effect.

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    I would recommend milk. The sat fat is what we actually need not the PUFA's which are the inflammatory ones when liberated and oxidized under stress. Raw is best but whole will do and some recommend skim w/o added vitamins. Milk gives us much needed protein, fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, and K2 not to mention calcium. make a shake w/o prot supps and with fruit juice and add eggshell calcium. check out

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