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    Default Have you ever heard of a compact gym

    Have you ever heard of a compact gym? I own one. My plank-360 device is small. I can carry it anywhere and everywhere. It gets packed in a travel case ( plank-360 . com ). I usually take it to my office. A perfect machine for them looking to tone their body. It works. It is a must-buy.

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    Actually, I was thinking of asking this guy that does custom metalwork to make an adjustable pull-up bar. The idea is that I could do the Australian pull-ups, dips, leg raises at a full hang, up & overs/muscle-ups, rollovers, and whatever variations of pull-ups or other movements on the bar. Maybe I could do a bit of rope/chain work on it, too.

    Another thing I would like to add to it is a detachable section that would hold my legs while doing upside down sit-ups (it'd just be a bar that's further out & further up for my ankles to hook under).

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